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How to Share Your Screen on Google Meet

How to Share Your Screen on Google Meet

If you use Google Meet for team meetings or presentations, you might need to share your browser screen or window. We will show you how to share both!

In some applications, like Skype, it’s quite clear how to use this feature. On Google Meet, hidden behind a button with a confusing name. Instead of “Screen Sharing” or something similar, you will see “Present Now.” What present, exactly? Did this start the presentation from the linked Google Slides document, maybe? No, this is only the Screen Share version of Google Meet.

If you use Google Chrome, you can use the “Present Now” feature to share your entire screen, any application window, or the Chrome tab. If you use Firefox, you can reflect your entire screen or window. However, in Safari on a Mac, you can only share your entire screen.

We will use Google Chrome, because it has all three options, but the process in other browsers is similar.

You can share your screen at any time when you are in a meeting. Just click “Present Now” in the toolbar below.


Choose what you want to share from the pop-up menu. If you want to share your entire screen, click “Your Entire Screen.”


In the next pop-up, select the screen you want to share. If you use multiple monitors, you will see everything here. Click “Share.”


Google Meet will start sharing your entire screen. You will also see it in the chat window.


If you want to share a certain window from any application, select the “Window” option in the “Present Now” menu.

You will see all available windows on the desktop at this time. Select what you want to share, then click “Share.”


If you want to share a specific website with someone, such as a YouTube video or online PDF, select “A Chrome Tab” from the “Present Now” menu. Again, this is only available on Google Chrome.

A popup lists all tabs open in all Chrome windows. Select the tab you want to share, then click “Share.” If you don’t want to share audio from the tab, make sure not to check the “Share Audio” option.


You will now see the content from the Chrome tab that is reflected in the meeting.


You will see a new “Presentation” box in the top toolbar. You can click to switch between the presentation and participant views.


After finishing sharing your screen, click “You Are Presenting,” then select “Stop Presentation.”


The mirroring screen will end, and you will return to the previous display.

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