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How to Set Apps and Game Limits on Xbox One

How to Set Apps and Game Limits on Xbox One

Microsoft Family Groups allows you to limit access to certain applications and games for each account on your Xbox One. You can quickly create child accounts or additional restrictions to protect innocent eyes from explicit content.

To limit access to certain applications and games on Xbox One, the first need is to create a Microsoft Family Group. After you do this, you will be able to create a child account.

You must then log in to this account on your Xbox One. To get started, turn on your Xbox and press the Xbox button in the middle of your controller to open the guide. Navigate to your avatar in the upper left to access the “Sign in” screen, then select “Add New.”


Enter the child’s account and choose whether you want to continue the setup through the Microsoft Family Group in the browser or on the Xbox One. If you choose the first, type your email address. You will receive an email that will direct you to the main hub of your Microsoft Family Group. There, you can also set wider content restrictions for child accounts.

If you choose to continue on Xbox One, you will be asked to log in to your Microsoft account. Whatever device you choose, the results will be the same.


Next, choose whether you want your child to be able to enter third-party applications. To view the Microsoft Service Agreement, Microsoft Privacy Statement, or additional information about third-party applications, select the appropriate option on the right.


Continue through confirmation to confirm your agreement, and then type the game for the child’s account.

Next, you choose one of three security levels that will determine how your child account enters Xbox One and access its contents and settings. You can choose “Without Barriers,” “Request My Passkey,” or “Lock It Down.”

Because you use the child account that you created at Microsoft Family Group to create a child profile on Xbox One, you can navigate to the Microsoft Family Group in any browser to set specific limits on applications and games.

Once there, select the account you want to set, and then click “Application and Game Limits.” This is also where you can see, approve, or reject any extraordinary requests for limited access to applications and games.


If you want to activate the time limit for certain games, just make sure the “Timeout” option is activated.


Even if this is activated, the game still has no time limit at first. You must switch – In this option on the right of each game to activate the default time limit of one hour.

You can also change this schedule for weekdays and weekends individually by clicking on any game or application to expand the menu. Use the slider to choose how long this account can use each application. Use the “Allow From” and “To” drop-down menus to create a time window where each application will be accessible.


To block an account from downloading, playing or accessing applications, just click “Block Application.” If you want to see which device the application is installed on, just point your mouse at one of the icons under “Installed On”.

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