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How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting

Keeping a schedule is a surefire way to make sure you are never late for a meeting. With Zoom, you can schedule video calls once or repeatedly and send them to everyone’s calendar. Here’s how to schedule a Zoom meeting.

First, do and download the Zoom application on your Windows 10, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android 10 Android PC. Once installed, open the Zoom application and enter your account.

Next, on the Home page, select the “Schedule” button.


The Meeting Schedule window will appear. You will have many meeting options to live. Here’s what you need to do.

Start by setting the time, date, duration, and name of the meeting. If this will be a recurring meeting, check the box next to the “Recurring Meetings” list. Also, make sure to note the Time Zone in the lower right corner of this section.


Next, set the “Meeting ID.” Because of security concerns, we recommend only using your Personal Meeting ID for private meetings. If this is a business meeting, leave “Automatically Generate” selected. Be sure to request a meeting password for an additional layer of protection.


Now for video and audio settings. This option allows you to enable or disable video hosts and participants when they join meetings and communication methods (telephone, computer audio, or both).


Choose if you want to send meeting invitations and reminders to Outlook, Google Calendar, or another calendar platform.


Finally, there are several advanced options that you can choose that should make your video conferencing safer. To open the Advanced Options menu, click the arrow next to “Advanced Options.”


To make Zoom safer, you should check these settings:

  • Activate the waiting room
  • Mute participants when entering
  • Only authenticated users can join: Enter Zoom

And disable this setting:

  • Enable joining before host

You can also decide whether you want to automatically record meetings and even add alternative hosts. Alternative hosts have the same meeting permissions as hosts. The significant difference between alternative hosts and co-hosts is that alternative hosts can start scheduled meetings where the co-host cannot.


After you have finished changing the settings to your liking, select the “Schedule” button in the lower right corner of the window.


Your Zoom Meeting is now scheduled, and information will be sent to the calendar you choose.

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