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How to Save Chat in the Microsoft Team and view it later

How to Save Chat in the Microsoft Team and view it later

Save important messages for future reference

Saved chats are very useful for future reference. Be it important text or reminders or anything on your team channel or private chat, saving chats is quite convenient in the Microsoft Team.

Open your Microsoft Teams application and click on the chat section in the left margin. Then, open the chat where you want to save the message.


On the chat screen, select the text you want to save and place your cursor over the message. You will now find several emojis and three dot icons, click on the three dot icon and select ‘Save this message’.


To view saved messages. First, click your user profile icon in the extreme right corner and then select the ‘Saved’ option in the drop-down.


Saved chats will now appear under the ‘Saved’ panel on the left side of the screen. When you click on this saved chat, it will direct you to the respective chat section.


You can also easily save chats from this list. Just click the ‘Save’ icon that appears in the required chat. It will turn gray from purple (or another color). This will now immediately delete the chat.


Saving Chat During a Meeting

If you have a conversation during a live meeting that you want to save, first click the ‘Chat’ icon on the meeting screen in progress.


This will open the ‘Meeting Chat’ panel, where you will find the ongoing call conversation. Hover over the message you want to save and click the ellipse icon that appears above the text. Now select the ‘Save this message’ option.


Chat in saved meetings will also be accessible through the process discussed earlier (User account icon ┬╗Saved). Saved meeting chats will be displayed in the ‘Saved’ panel on the team channel where the meeting takes place.


Now, you will never miss or forget about important conversations that take place either during private / group chats or work / meeting calls.

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