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How to Release Chat on the Microsoft Team into a Separate Window

How to Release Chat on the Microsoft Team into a Separate Window

An efficient way to get back to chat immediately

Pop-out chat is a quick way to get into a chat which if not requires opening the application again. This pop-up chat is a shortcut that is very useful for any chat even in the Microsoft Team.

However, the pop-up chat feature only works for Microsoft Teams applications on Windows and Mac desktops. Here’s how you can use it.

Open the Microsoft Teams application and open the chat section and open any chats that you want to appear.


Now, on the chat screen, look to the extreme right corner. Directly below your user account icon a pop-out icon (arrow coming out of the box) will appear, click on it.


You will now have a mini version of the same chat. You can then minimize / maximize it too. After you finish using the pop-out chat, you can close it by clicking the red button on the top right.


Smart alternative. You can also delete a chat by simply hovering over the chat. You will find the same pop-up icon next to the person’s name before the three-point icon. Click for the pop-out window to open the selected chat.


Another smart alternative. Remember the three dot icon from the previous section? Click that. The first option is ‘Pop out chat’. Select that option and a smaller screen from the same chat will open.


You can have multiple chats pop out of different chats in your Microsoft Team account. This pop-up chat window will open as an independent screen and remain open even if the Microsoft Teams application is closed (not in the background).

Choose your favorite way to chat pop-ups and integrate these super helpful shortcuts into your daily work on the Microsoft Team.

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