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How to Play Pictionary in Zoom

How to Play Pictionary in Zoom

Have fun with the virtualized Pictionary in Zoom!

Pictionary has been a very popular team game for the past 35 years. With a series of useful evolutions, we have now succeeded in formulating a virtual way to play this paper-pencil game. Pictionary not only goes beyond language and age boundaries, but also violates structural boundaries, making it an ideal game to play with your workers or even as a class.

Because almost everything happens through video calls today, it is also a vital necessity to have online recreation too. So, Zoom users, this platform is not only for serious collaboration related to work, you can also use this arena to enjoy a few happy happy hours. This is how you can add fuel for motivation and excitement to the usual Zoom routine with Pictionary.

Pictionary Rules for Zoom


The rules here are easy to understand but it may take several tries to understand the virtual version. Start by having a Pictionary word generator to relieve endless mental blocks. The first player will then draw what he only reads on the generator and the rest will guess the picture.

Drawing turns, and the person drawing will have to randomize the random word generator. Make sure only the Pictionary artist will access the Pictionary word generator. This can be done by giving a generator a link to each player, and each time someone’s turn rises, the individual opens the generator to see the word and draw it further.

Set a maximum time limit of around 60 seconds for each participant to draw, and another 60 seconds for the team to guess the sketch. Save the scoreboard to announce the final winner. This board must be handled by only one person, preferably the host.

Set up Pictionary on Zoom

Start your Zoom meeting, and make sure everyone is in it (you don’t want anyone to miss the fun). After everyone has finished, the host clicks ‘Share Screen’, at the bottom of the Zoom meeting page.


Select ‘Chalkboard’ in the next dialog box, which will display the different screens available for sharing under the ‘Basic’ tab. Complete the process by clicking ‘Share’ so that each participant called can see the picture.


Remember, after you share the blackboard screen, each participant who calls can draw on the same screen, as and when their turn rises.

Zoom whiteboard has a number of options to help Pictionary artists get their masterpieces properly. Start the game by dividing the board into the scoreboard section and the drawing section.


Enter the names of all participants on one side by clicking the ‘Text’ tab in the options panel on the board.


The score will be added to the person who guesses the picture in advance and says it out loud. These points can be maintained by using the ‘Cap’ feature on the blackboard panel. You can use one of the stamps given to record each player’s ‘victory’ score, and who has the highest number of stamps won!

Plays Pictionary in Zoom

The player must first turn the word generator and then choose the ‘Draw’ option to sketch what he is reading. They can choose the option to draw hands free or choose a stencil option to draw shapes such as circles, diamonds which are rather funny if you try them freely.

Participants can also cancel or repeat their stroke, however, all within 60 seconds. They can save their beloved portrait to their system by clicking ‘Save’ in the same panel too.


Every time a player finishes drawing and one or more other participants have guessed it and won a stamp, the first one has to manually delete each drawing to keep the scoreboard intact. Don’t use the ‘Delete’ option, because this can also delete the grading table.


Repeat the cycle for all your teammates. You can also do several rounds until you and your teammates are under “fun coma” (too much fun, so you are really bored by it)

After you finish the game, remember to stop sharing the screen by clicking ‘Stop Sharing’ and also ending the meeting for everyone.


And that’s all. This is a Virtual Pictionary Session! Share some silly pictures, lots of laughter, and have fun with Pictionary in Zoom! This virtual experience as a team / family / class may or may not last long. Therefore, you can use this time to explore new ways to have fun together and bond with your loved ones too. Start this online journey with Pictionary in Zoom!

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