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How to Play Pandora on Your Sonos Speakers

How to Play Pandora on Your Sonos Speakers

Pandora is one of the most popular internet radio services in the world and the Sonos speaker is one of the most popular speakers in the world. So, can the two be used together? As you might guess, of course, they can. They really work well, hand in hand.


But how do you play Pandora on your Sonos speakers? Yeah, that’s all pretty easy. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Add Pandora to Sonos on Mobile

So, you have bought your Sonos speaker and now you want to use it to play Pandora content. The whole process is very simple and easy.

Start by installing the Sonos application on your mobile / tablet and enter / create an account. When finished, open the Sonos application and navigate to the Settings tab. Then, open Service & Voice. Find and select Music & Content, followed by Add Service.

Now, you will see a list of available services. On the list, you will find Pandora. Select and tap Add to Sonos. You will see instructions on the screen that appears, which will help you add a music service account.

Add Pandora to Sonos on PC / Mac

Some will prefer to use their PC or Mac to control their Sonos speakers. Given the fact that the Sonos application is available on both platforms, of course you can play Pandora on Sonos through your computer. Download and install the Sonos application and create an account / sign in.

After you open the application, open Select Music Source. Here, click Add Music Service. Pandora scrolls through the available and select services. This will ask for instructions on the screen. Follow them carefully, and you all must be prepared.

Control Sonos from Pandora

You can access controls for Sonos through the Pandora application by simply selecting the Cast icon (such as the wireless icon and screen). You will find this icon in Now Playing, in the Pandora application. Then, you will be asked to choose the right Sonos speaker from your preference or group of speakers.


From the next screen, you will be able to get full control over your Sonos speakers, which will make things easier for you.

Adjusting the volume, for example, can be done from Pandora or the Sonos application. If you want to adjust the volume outside one of the two applications, that’s not possible. In the two applications, you will see that you will be able to adjust the volume using the physical volume buttons on your mobile device.

Grouping Rooms Using Pandora

You don’t have to be in the Sonos app to create and edit speaker groups. You can do this directly inside the Pandora application. This is actually very simple to do – the creators of Pandora and Sonos have worked together to create a truly unique and seamless experience.

To get started, open the Pandora application (provided you have created an account and logged in). Then, navigate to the screen called Now Playing. Find the Cast icon, tap, then tap Edit in the appropriate room / group. After selecting the rooms you want to group, select Save.

Where are My Thumbs Up / Down Options?

If you have used Pandora and Sonos at the same time, you will notice a good upper / lower thumb function on Sonos. This can be very neat, because it allows you to like / dislike things on Pandora without having to use the actual Pandora application.

Now that you are logged in using a different Pandora account, you no longer see thumbs up / down functions in the Sonos application. How can? Yes, that’s because your Sonos and Pandora accounts are connected. Sonos will allow you to connect the application to another Pandora account, but that won’t give you all the functions (like thumbs up / down, for example). If you want this function in another Pandora account, you must associate it with the Sonos controller.

Will I Get Better Audio with Pandora Plus?

It is well known that when you upgrade to Pandora Plus, you get access to better audio quality (192k). But does this reflect the related Sonos speaker? Yes, of course. If you play music using a Pandora Plus account on a Sonos speaker, you will see a rather dramatic improvement in audio quality. Even more so than your cellphone / laptop speaker.

So do you need to do something on Sonos to improve your Pandora account? No, not at all! All you need to do is follow Pandora’s instructions about upgrading to Pandora Plus. When finished, the Sonos device will automatically play music from Pandora in higher audio quality.

Audio Leap / Stop

Interference can occur when using music services such as Pandora on Sonos speakers. Here are a few things to consider to fix the problem.

First, check your streaming limit. Maybe your free Pandora limit has been reached.

You can also try restarting your router. To do this, disconnect all cables from there, wait for about a minute, and reconnect them all. Then, wait a few minutes and try playing Pandora on Sonos again.

Finally, make sure you have reduced wireless interference. This means disconnecting other devices from your Wi-Fi network. Network overload can easily cause jumps and stops at Pandora.


Pandora and Sonos

Both services are a pair made in heaven. You can use one of these two special applications to control music streaming, you can link your Sonos application to your Pandora account, you can even thumb up / down using the Sonos application. If you have experienced problems, try one of the solutions mentioned.

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