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How to limit screen time on Xbox and Windows for your children

How to limit screen time on Xbox and Windows for your children

You can set a screen timeout from the same dashboard in your Microsoft account. Once set, limiting your child’s screen time is as easy as a few clicks.

If you work from home, chances are you let your children sit in front of your Xbox or Windows PC … then you forget about the time, and they end up playing for hours without supervision. It’s easy to control this on Xbox and Windows 10, allowing parents to set the right limit on screen time per day and determine the hours at which it’s okay to play.

The settings are rather troublesome, especially, if children don’t have a Microsoft account. We are here to guide you through it.

Setting up screen time

At present, Microsoft does not support setting a time limit directly through Xbox One. Instead, you must first adjust the screen time by phone, tablet or PC. It is possible to do this from your Windows 10 PC.

1. Using a web browser, open, then log in to your Microsoft account.

2. Click the Add child button.

3. Enter your child’s email address, select Enter my child, and enter the password for your child’s Microsoft account.


4. If the child does not have an email address or Microsoft account, you must create one. This process used to be more complex than that, requiring family code and even a small processing fee. Now, you can simply go to and register for a new email address. This process requires you to choose a username, set a password, and enter the child’s birthday. Because the child is a minor, registration requires notification to be sent to you, as a parent, and approved through your own Windows account.


If you have successfully registered your child for a Microsoft account and e-mail, you will receive a confirmation such as this e-mail, as well as a practical link to manage the account.

Because you identified yourself as a parent, your child is now automatically added to your family group, which means they are ready for you to manage their screen time.

5. In your Family section, select Screen time in the area right below your child’s name.


This is your Family index page. Select “Time screen” to explore further.

6. Note that there are three shutdowns here: one for Xbox One, one for Windows 10, and the “master” switch that allows you to set screen boundaries on both devices, regardless of which they choose.

7. To set the maximum screen time per day, use the drop-down menu next to each day of the week.

8. To set the approved play time window, click one of the time bars, set the start and end time, then select Add. You can also set limits for several days at a time by selecting Add time to several days at the bottom of the schedule (although this only works if you haven’t set limits for those days).


Lock your Xbox

To enforce the time limit you just set, you must set up a child account on Xbox One, and ensure that your own account is password protected. That’s important, because if not, your child can log in to your account and play with their little hearts.

1. To add your children to Xbox, everything you need to return to the Xbox Settings menu, then go to General> Safety & family online> Family settings and select Add family members.

2. You then have to choose which child you want to access to your Xbox console, and click Add [child name] to this Xbox. You can enter your child’s password, if you know it. If not, you can click I forgot my password. Xbox will send an email to the parent account associated with it (yours, maybe), where you can reset the child’s password.

3. If your child does not have a game associated with their account, you must add it. This is your child’s online identity, so we strongly recommend a) not using their real names, and b) allowing your child to choose their gamertag (with you standing next to them, of course). Although you can change this gamertag later, it will cost you real money – usually $ 10.

4. Return to your own account to lock it. Head to General> Security & family online> Family settings> My login, security & passkey, then select Change my login and security preferences.


5. Choose either Ask my passkey, which requires a six-digit code for login and transactions, or Key, which requires a full password.

6. If asked to stop using instant login, select Continue.

Remember that immediately after setup, you will still be logged into the parent account, so don’t hand over the controller first. You must exit or turn off the console to start locking and ensure that your screen timeout applies. Good luck!

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