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How to Enter Text in Microsoft Excel Graphics

How to Enter Text in Microsoft Excel Graphics

Include text in your Microsoft Excel graphics to provide rich and meaningful labels. Labels can be used to display additional information that is not plotted on the graph. By linking it to a cell value, you can make this text dynamic.

Why Include Text in Excel Graphics?

When you create a chart in Excel, you are given a label element. This includes chart titles, data labels, and axis titles. This label can be very useful for displaying additional information on a chart, especially when you use cell values for Excel chart labels.

The following chart uses a link to cell values to show the total cells in the chart title.


However, you are not limited to this default label. You can include text in an Excel graphic by adding text boxes.

This chart was created using the following data set.


Create Text Text

Let’s add a description to tell more about this data story. We will add information to convey the top products and total sales.

First, we need to calculate the data that we want to display. In cell D2, the following formula is used to return the maximum sales value.



We can then use the formula in cell D3 with a combination of INDEX and MATCH to return the product name.



In cell D4, we can create creative text from these calculated values.

=D3&" is the top product with "&D2&" sales."



We will include a description by inserting a text box. Click Insert> Text Box and then choose a chart to insert it.


Next, click on the Formula Bar, type “=” and then select cell D4 (the cell that contains the text of the text).


Press the Enter key.

Text text is indicated in a text box and can be moved and resized to the appropriate position on the chart.


To complete the text, the format becomes light gray so it doesn’t have the effect like the graphic title. Click Home, the list arrow for “Font Color,” then choose light gray.


This is one example including text, but it is up to you to be creative. You can show whatever information you want your chart to convey beyond the standard graph.


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