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How to Enlarge the Nintendo Switch When Playing Any Game

How to Enlarge the Nintendo Switch When Playing Any Game

When playing Nintendo Switch, sometimes you will find games with text or interface elements that are too small for you to see comfortably. Fortunately, the Switch includes a system-wide Zoom feature that allows you to adjust the zoom level in any game while playing. Here’s how to use it.

First, we need to activate the Zoom feature. Launch System Setup by tapping the gear icon on the Home Switch screen.


In the list on the left side of the screen, navigate down to “System,” then scroll down and find the “Zoom” option. Choose to turn it on.


Return to Home and launch the game that you want to enlarge. May have small graphic details or small text that is difficult to read on the small Nintendo Switch screen when in portable mode. In this case, using Zoom is ideal.


To activate Zoom while playing, tap the “Home” button twice quickly. (The Home button is a button with a small house symbol on it.)


When in Zoom mode, use one thumb to focus on the part of the game screen that I want to Zoom. Press “X” to Zoom in and “Y” to Zoom in. The small green tilt meter in the lower right corner shows your Zoom level, and the rectangle next to it represents the position of the Zoom window on the screen.


If you need to play the game while Zoomed, press the Home button once to lock Zoom in place. The Zoom Border will turn gray but remain on the screen to remind you that you are in Zoom mode.


When locked, you can return to the Zoom adjustment mode by pressing Home once. And if you want to completely end the Zoom mode, press the Home button twice. But fear not, only two Home buttons are pushed if you need to call him back.

Another neat feature of the Switch is that you can also remap the controller buttons. So, if you want to use another button to launch Zoom mode, you can reassign the Home button in System Settings. Have a nice play!

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