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How to Enable and Disable Full Screen Mode on Microsoft Edge

How to Enable and Disable Full Screen Mode on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge allows you to browse in full screen mode, hiding toolbars, tabs and other interface elements to give you a full screen web page. Here’s how to activate and deactivate full screen mode in the Microsoft’s Edge browser.

These instructions apply to Microsoft’s new Chromium-based open-source Edge browser and the original version of Microsoft Edge that came with Windows 10.

Press F11 to Switch Full Screen Mode

With Microsoft Edge open, you can press the F11 key on your keyboard to enter full screen mode at any time. Press F11 again to exit full screen mode. F11 activates and deactivates full screen mode.

This keyboard shortcut works on all popular web browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you need to enter or exit full screen mode when browsing the web, basically any web browser, just press F11.

Use the Zoom Menu

You can also activate full screen mode using your mouse. To do this, click the menu button in the upper-right corner of the Edge browser window – it looks like three dots in a horizontal row.

To the right of the Zoom option on the menu, click the “Full Screen” button to activate the full screen browsing experience. This looks like a diagonal arrow.


In full screen mode, move the mouse to the top of your screen and click the “X” button to exit full screen mode. (The button only appears when you move the mouse to the top of the screen.)

You can also press F11 on your keyboard to exit Microsoft Edge full screen mode.


If you are using the classic Edge version that comes with Windows 10, you should move your mouse to the top of the screen to open the hidden toolbar.

On the toolbar, click the “Unmaximize” button between the minimize and close buttons in the upper right corner of the screen to deactivate full screen mode. You can also click the menu button (three dots) and click the “Full Screen” button again to turn off full screen mode.

The F11 key will also activate and deactivate full screen mode on the classic Edge version.


The Win + Shift + Enter Trick (Only Old Microsoft Edge)

If you are using the original version of Edge, you can also press Win + Shift + Enter to enter and exit full screen mode. However, the F11 key does the same thing on both Edge versions, so you should press F11. This is a single button press.

The Win + Shift + Enter shortcut actually works for all Universal Windows Platform applications on Windows 10, including other applications such as the Mail application. It doesn’t work in classic desktop applications like the new Microsoft Edge.

Maximize vs Full Screen Mode

Using full screen mode on Microsoft Edge is different from just maximizing the browser window. When you maximize Edge by clicking the normal “Maximize” button to the left of the “x” button in the upper right corner of the window, Edge will take up your entire screen – but you will still see your Windows desktop taskbar, tab bar, address bar, favorite bar ( if enabled), and other interface elements.

Full screen mode is different. In full screen mode, you will not see tab bars and other interface elements. You will only see the current web page – and scroll bar. Edge full screen mode is great for giving presentations and watching videos.

Watch Web Videos in Full Screen Mode

Activating full screen mode with F11 or from the Zoom menu will not always give you a full screen video player. On websites like YouTube, you have to click the full screen button in the video player to make the video take full screen. If you only press F11 while watching YouTube, the YouTube web page will take up your entire screen, but the video will still be the same size.

If you have activated full screen mode for watching videos, you can press the Esc key on your keyboard to exit full screen mode. You can also press F11 or click the “Full Screen” button on the video player again to turn it off.

By the way, you can press the “f” button on your keyboard to turn on and turn off YouTube full screen mode while watching a video. It’s one of the many keyboard shortcuts for YouTube, and it works on all web browsers.


Microsoft’s new open-source Edge browser offers a world-class search experience, which will make Chrome users feel at home. This is much better than Internet Explorer on older versions of Windows. The Microsoft Edge full screen experience is the same as Google Chrome full screen mode. Chrome users can enable and disable full screen mode in the same way.

Edge is not the same as Chrome, however – unlike Chrome, the new Edge comes with a built-in tracking prevention feature. Other features are similar in both browsers – InPrivate Edge mode is basically the same as Chrome Incognito Mode.

You can download the new Edge browser from Microsoft, and Microsoft plans to launch it to all Windows 10 PC users through Windows Update at some point.

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