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How to Copy Code or Text with Color in Notepad ++

How to Copy Code or Text with Color in Notepad ++

Copy your code in Notepad ++ with color and paste it anywhere while still maintaining its format

Notepad ++ is a popular source code editor. This should be so because of the support for a large number of programming languages and ease of use. This software even supports third-party plugins for enhanced features.

In this article, we will look at one of these plugins – NppExport. This allows users to copy code / text with Syntax Highlighting in Notepad ++. In other words, this allows the user to copy text with color.

Install the NppExport Plugin in Notepad ++

Since Version 7.8.6 the NppExport plugin is bundled with the Notepad ++ installer. So, we can install NppExport with Notepad ++.

From the Notepad ++ Installer

To install NppExport, run the Notepad ++ installer. Follow the installer until you see the Choose Components window.


As you can see, the NppExport plugin has been selected. Just press next and complete installation.

From Admin Plugins in Notepad ++

If you have installed Notepad ++ and want to install NppExport. This is as easy as the method above.

Run Notepad ++ and open the Plugins menu on the Notepad ++ toolbar. Select the Admin Plugins option from the list.


A new window will open, known as Admin plugins. Use the search text box and type NppExport and press enter. Select the NppExport check box and then press Install.


How to Copy Code / Text with Color using NppExport

To copy code / text with Syntax highlighting, open a compatible file in Notepad ++. Then, select the text you want to copy and right-click. Open the Plugins command then press Copy Text with Highlight Syntax to copy.


Now you can paste colorful formatted text anywhere. Directly from your Microsoft Word document to another text editor that supports it.

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