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How to Control Your Xbox One with Google Assistant

How to Control Your Xbox One with Google Assistant

Although Google and Microsoft are competitors, they work together more than usual. For example, you can now tell your Google Assistant to launch a game, control the media, or capture gameplay on your Xbox One.

How to Connect Your Xbox One to Google Assistant

Because this feature is still technically in a beta phase, you have to go through three additional steps before you can connect your Xbox One to Google Assistant in the Google Home application.

To get started, open the Xbox for Google Assistant Beta Google Group and click “Join Group.” Make sure you are logged into the same account that is connected to your Google Assistant device.


Next, make sure your Xbox One is active and you are logged into your Microsoft account, you want to connect with Google Assistant.

Finally, make sure your Xbox One is set up to connect to digital services such as Google Assistant. To enable this, navigate to System> Settings> Devices and Streaming> Digital Assistant and select the “Enable Digital Assistant” option.

After this setting is applied, open the Google Home application on your Android or Apple device. If the “Connect Microsoft Xbox” button appears at the top, press.


If this button does not appear, press the plus sign (+) in the upper left of the application. Select “Set Up Device,” select “Has Something Organized?” option, then search and select “Xbox.”


You can now proceed through the command to log in to your Microsoft account in the Google Home apps.


You will receive an email from Microsoft confirming that the new application has created access. Assign your Xbox One to any room you like. If you need to change settings or disconnect this connection, select Xbox One under the room you are assigned to, then press the Cog icon. You can also turn on and turn off Xbox One remotely from this screen.


How to Control Your Xbox One with Google Assistant

Now that you have connected your Xbox One with Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to control the following features after your “Hi Google” keyword:

  • Turn on or turn off the Xbox
  • Restart Xbox
  • Play [game] on Xbox
  • Open or launch [application] on Xbox
  • Switch to [TV channel] on Xbox
  • Record it on Xbox (for video)
  • Take screenshot on Xbox (for photos)
  • Pause or Stop the Xbox
  • Continue or Start Xbox
  • Rewind or Previous
  • Fast forward or Next
  • Volume Up or Down on Xbox
  • Mute or unmute Xbox

As always, it’s a good idea to determine the device you want Google Control to control. If you change your Xbox One name, you can use that name too.

Every time your command is successfully registered with Google Assistant, the icon and your command will appear on your Xbox One screen. Be careful of others who might sound like you are controlling Xbox One for you.

Unfortunately, we cannot test the ability to add more than one Xbox to one Google Assistant. However, according to the Google Assistant for Xbox webpage, this must be possible.

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